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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Hey my favorite internet people!I had A Thing to do involving family and stuff. But I read ALL your posts last week and chortled so much that my mom made me read some of them out loud, which was embarrassing because she caved and asked right about the time you all were making inappropriate comments about wizard pokers or some such. So good job making me feel like a teenager again!Suffice to say I agree mightily with ALL of your quibbles and questions and queries and conundrums, especially the ones about wizard sewage and JK's rather fluid relationship with currency.And here we are at the end of the book, and oh, JK. I am so pleased that you grew as a writer even though we have to get through Chamber of Secrets before the Good Stuff can happen.And while the first half was all fun and games and getting shut in the cupboard under the stairs for shit you didn't do, the second half is more OMG Harry has NO PARENTS and has never had Christmas presents and is probably a serial killer based on his upbringing. You know who else besides the Dursleys locked people in dark spaces for imagined sins?This guy.And we all know how Jodie Foster turned out. (On second thought, keep on keepin' on, Harry. She's pretty awesome and you wouldn't look like Jennifer Garner in drag. *sob*)But back to the point I was trying to make, which is that this book is all about Harry finding his true home in the wizarding world. And gets an invisibility cloak like it's NBD, because he's Harry Potter. Speaking of which, WHERE did James and Lily get all this super-rare awesome shit and wizard dollars? How did they get rich? Not fighting the dark forces because Wizard England is not like Jane Austen England where captains got a portion of the spoils of war (where is my Temeraire movie, Hollywood? Dragons, costumes, ships! Get on that. ::glare::).I particularly like the moment when MacGonagall says she couldn't looks Snape in the face after Gryffindor's loss to Slytherin the year before. And also the moment where Hermione is being such a snot about the levitating spellPretty sure I was like this as a kid. Pretty sure sometimes I still am.But then it's the thing Ron remembers when push comes to shoving a wand up a troll's nose.  Awwww.And there was the Mirror of Erised and the Christmas flute and Harry learning chess from Ron and possibly my favorite moment in the WHOLE SERIES is when Hermione loses her shit, goes full Muggle and shrieks that there isn't any wood to start a fire and Ron is all, "You're a WITCH!"9.5 out of 11 Illegal Dragon Eggs. Onward!!