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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Huh. Strangely, I feel very little about this book. I feel like it's really all about the word play and the references to other books and stories. Augustus is the Voice of the Author even though he is not the main character; Hazel Grace is a lovely name. I should re-read many books and perhaps name a pet "Hamartia" someday- or maybe a car!Actually, I know how I feel: gently used. Not the kind of "did I really just read that?! WTF?" of some novels, but rather of the "my emotions were rather obviously manipulated just there.." variety. The literary references were clever, but the "and here I shall make you cry!" stuff was not so much. I will keep my eye on you, John Green, but it will be a bit of a side-eye.