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Chime - I didn't like this book very much at all. There were moments of interest, and I enjoyed the sister relationship between Rose and Briony, but for the most part I couldn't get past the structuring of the language and the thick soup feeling of not understanding what the author wanted me to know. I expect that feeling at the beginning of a book, but the slow drawing-aside of the curtain is what makes reading a novel so lovely. In Chime, there was very little drawing-aside, a lot of self-loathing, and very little to recommend any of the characters. Stepmother hung over the book like the first Mrs. De Winter, and Father was set up as the villain in such a way that the conclusion was confusing instead of revelatory. In addition, the author is writing a book set in Edwardian(ish) England but doesn't use British-English, which is distracting to someone (like me) who reads a lot of British literature and is fairly conversant (hah) with the differences between how Wharton and Hardy sound on paper. Overall, pretty terrible. 3/11 Yellows.